Preventative Maintenance plans are beneficial to the everyday operation and efficiency HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems in your business’ facility. Peak efficiency, maximum system capacity, extended equipment life, lower energy cost and better indoor air quality are the major items of importance when considering a maintenance plan.

After extended usage, air conditioning systems can restrict airflow, excessive moisture, and premature rusting can occur. If not properly maintained, unnecessary strain on the air conditioning equipment can result in higher energy expenses.

Maintenance plans will help you protect your investment and save you money by preventing future breakdowns.


Protect Your Investment with GGM’s preventative Maintenance Plans


  • Regular HVAC system check-ups fix problems before they occur
  • Planned cleanings reduce the strain on your air conditioner
  • Regular AC unit tune-ups keep your air conditioners running efficiently
  • Coil cleanings ensure your air conditioner is cooling efficiently
  • Check-ups will ensure your system is running properly and not wasting energy